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Who saw the eclipse of 06/30/1973?

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General information

Solar eclipse: 06/30/1973

Number of observers: 4
Success rate: 100%

The eclipse of 06/30/1973 was observed in 2 countries.


Interactive map (Google Maps)

The following eclipse chasers have seen the eclipse

Chaser Seen Location Max. coverage Time in moonshadow Time in (ant)umbra Weather
US  Bill Kramer total total 18.8°, -21.2° 100% 2h 38m 15s 5m 41s clear   clear
US  Robert Slobins total total Mauritania 100% 2h 48m 4s 6m 1s clear   clear
US  Fred Espenak total total Mauritania 100% 2h 48m 5s 6m 1s clear   clear
GB  Andrew Paterson partial partial United Kingdom 0.2% 24m 27s - clear   clear