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Who saw the eclipse of 10/12/1996?

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General information

Solar eclipse: 10/12/1996

Number of observers: 51
Success rate: 92.2%

The eclipse of 10/12/1996 was observed in 15 countries.


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The following eclipse chasers have seen the eclipse

Chaser Seen Location Max. coverage Time in moonshadow Time in (ant)umbra Weather
ES  FrankSA. RodriguezSRamirez partial partial Spain 6.8% 1h 43m 29s - clear   clear
PT  Mario Ramos partial partial Portugal 27.4% 2h 25m 39s - partly cloudy   partlyCloudy
ES  Oscar Martin partial partial Spain 33.3% 2h 28m 45s - clear   clear
ES  Oscar Martín Mesonero partial partial Spain 33.3% 2h 28m 45s - clear   clear
ES  Angel GomezSRoldan partial partial Spain 37.3% 2h 31m 25s - clear   clear
GB  Michael Gill partial partial United Kingdom 50.7% 2h 33m 34s - clear   clear
GB  Michael Willis partial partial United Kingdom 54.9% 2h 32m 25s - partly cloudy   partlyCloudy
none  Shaun Ankers partial partial United Kingdom 52.3% 2h 33m 10s - clear   clear
GB  Harry Hayfield partial partial United Kingdom 51.4% 2h 32m 57s - clear   clear
FR  Nicolas Lefaudeux partial partial France 47.1% 2h 32m 45s - clear   clear
GB  Andrew Paterson partial partial United Kingdom 49.7% 2h 32m 48s - mostly sunny   mostlySunny
GB  Kryss Katsiavriades partial partial United Kingdom 50.9% 2h 32m 26s - mostly sunny   mostlySunny
US  Paul D. Maley partial partial United Kingdom 50.8% 2h 32m 23s - clear   clear
FR  Sylvain Rivaud partial partial France 44.8% 2h 31m 12s - clear   clear
GB  Christopher Curtis partial partial United Kingdom 51.8% 2h 32m 17s - partly cloudy   partlyCloudy
none  Josep Masalles partial partial Spain 37.2% 2h 25m 58s - clear   clear
FR  Xavier Jubier partial partial France 48.4% 2h 30m 53s - partly cloudy   partlyCloudy
none  Odile Songy partial partial France 51.1% 2h 30m 52s - mostly sunny   mostlySunny
none  Stephen McCann partial partial Belgium 51.9% 2h 30m 52s - clear   clear
NL  Onno Kuijken partial partial Netherlands 52.8% 2h 29m 37s - overcast   overcast
none  Klaus Schulze-Frerichs partial partial Luxembourg 50.9% 2h 28m 58s - partly cloudy   partlyCloudy
DE  André Knöfel partial partial Germany 53.1% 2h 28m 48s - cloudy   cloudy
none  Wolfgang Strickling partial partial Germany 53.8% 2h 28m 36s - clear   clear
DE  Gunnar Bresemann partial partial Germany 54.3% 2h 28m 23s - clear   clear
GR  Till Testaccount partial partial Germany 49% 2h 27m 4s - clear   clear
DE  Joerg Schoppmeyer partial partial Germany 49% 2h 27m 5s - clear   clear
DE  Torsten Rothenwaldt partial partial Germany 52.1% 2h 27m 21s - clear   clear
DE  Stephan Heinsius partial partial Germany 52.1% 2h 27m 17s - clear   clear
none  Luca Quaglia partial partial Italy 46.2% 2h 25m 4s - clear   clear
none  Alessandro Pessi partial partial Italy 46.1% 2h 24m 45s - clear   clear
none  Klaus Peter Zeyer partial partial Germany 51.9% 2h 26m 38s - clear   clear
DE  Andreas Payer partial partial Germany 50.3% 2h 25m 48s - clear   clear
IT  Maurizio Ferri partial partial Italy 45.6% 2h 22m 16s - clear   clear
IT  Maura Dodi partial partial Italy 45.6% 2h 22m 16s - clear   clear
DE  Gabor Grossmann partial partial Germany 54.6% 2h 24m 22s - clear   clear
none  Stefano Rosoni partial partial Italy 43.9% 2h 19m 30s - clear   clear
DE  Ari Gerhardt partial partial Germany 54.4% 2h 24m 2s - mostly sunny   mostlySunny
DE  Andreas Möller partial partial Germany 56.8% 2h 24m 8s - clear   clear
AT  Heinrich Bauer partial partial Austria 51% 2h 20m 47s - clear   clear
HU  Gyula Csernok partial partial Hungary 50.6% 2h 18m 9s - clear   clear
PL  Marcin Podgorski partial partial Poland 56.4% 2h 18m 54s - clear   clear
PL  Jarek Kordalewski partial partial Poland 56.6% 2h 18m 30s - partly cloudy   partlyCloudy
PL  Mariusz Krukar partial partial Poland 53.3% 2h 15m 49s - partly cloudy   partlyCloudy
PL  Maciej Szupiluk partial partial Poland 57.4% 2h 18m 20s - clear   clear
RO  Catalin Beldea partial partial Romania 45.3% 1h 47m 53s - cloudy   cloudy
GB  Patrick Poitevin partial partial Turkey 34.6% 2h 0m 5s - clear   clear
none  Mike Frost partial partial Turkey 30.8% 1h 53m 55s - clear   clear
TR  Tunc Tezel partial partial Turkey 36.3% 1h 56m 23s - overcast   overcast
IL  Dimitry Rotstein partial partial Israel 22.2% 48m 10s - overcast   overcast
US  Jay Pasachoff partial partial Israel 20.2% 1h 36m 18s - clear   clear
US  Naomi Pasachoff partial partial Israel 20.2% 1h 36m 18s - clear   clear