Who saw the eclipse of 01/04/2011?

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General information

Solar eclipse: 01/04/2011

Number of observers: 10
Success rate: 80%

The eclipse of 01/04/2011 was observed in 8 countries.


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The following eclipse chasers have seen the eclipse

Chaser Seen Location Max. coverage Time in moonshadow Time in (ant)umbra Weather
DE  Andreas Möller partial partial Germany 73.9% 2h 33m 16s - overcast   overcast
RU  Alexander Manannikov partial partial Ukraine 66.2% 3h 4m 4s - overcast   overcast
SK  Lubomir Janostiak partial partial Slovakia 71.9% 2h 52m 36s - mostly sunny   mostlySunny
PL  Mariusz Krukar partial partial Poland 73.2% 2h 51m 54s - cloudy   cloudy
ES  Oscar Martín Mesonero partial partial Spain 45.6% 1h 44m 24s - clear   clear
DE  Gunnar Bresemann partial partial Germany 72.7% 1h 59m 50s - cloudy   cloudy
GB  Harry Hayfield partial partial United Kingdom 65% 56m 20s - cloudy   cloudy
CZ  Petr Horálek partial partial Czechia 72.3% 2h 48m 18s - partly cloudy   partlyCloudy
FR  Xavier Jubier partial partial France 64.7% 1h 42m 27s - partly cloudy   partlyCloudy
DE  Marcellinus Prien partial partial Germany 72.5% 2h 20m 48s - partly cloudy   partlyCloudy