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Eclipse chaser log of Greg Diesel Walck

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Name: Greg Diesel Walck
Seen eclipses: 4
Eclipse chaser since: 6 years
Visited countries: 1



Number: 1

2m 35s



Number: 1

4m 26s


Time in moon shadow: 5h 21m 27s
Time in (ant)umbra: 7m 1s
Time in totality: 2m 35s
Time in annularity: 4m 26s
Longest eclipse: 08/21/2017 (2h 54m 50s)
Longest total eclipse: 08/21/2017 (2m 35s)
Longest annular eclipse: 05/20/2012 (4m 26s)
Number of saros cycles: 4

Visited countries

Greg Diesel Walck has visited 1 different countries.

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List of seen solar eclipses

Eclipse Seen Location Max. coverage Time in moonshadow Time in (ant)umbra Weather
08/21/2017 (total) total total United States 100% 2h 54m 50s 2m 35s clear
10/23/2014 (partial) partial partial United States 26.7% 12m 44s - clear
11/03/2013 (hybrid) partial partial United States 82.2% 37m 30s - clear
05/20/2012 (annular) annular annular United States 87% 1h 36m 23s 4m 26s clear