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Eclipse chaser log of John Huibregtse

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Name: John Huibregtse
Nationality: United States
Seen eclipses: 22
Eclipse chaser since: 50 years
Visited countries: 12



Number: 18

48m 21s



Number: 3

13m 51s


Time in moon shadow: 2d 5h 25m 6s
Time in (ant)umbra: 1h 2m 12s
Time in totality: 48m 21s
Time in annularity: 13m 51s
Longest eclipse: 05/10/1994 (3h 26m 52s)
Longest total eclipse: 07/22/2009 (5m 23s)
Longest annular eclipse: 05/10/1994 (5m 10s)
Number of saros cycles: 14

Visited countries

John Huibregtse has visited 12 different countries.

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List of seen solar eclipses

Eclipse Seen Location Max. coverage Time in moonshadow Time in (ant)umbra Weather
07/02/2019 (total) total total Argentina 100% 2h 18m 59s 2m 30s clear
08/21/2017 (total) total total United States 100% 2h 42m 34s 2m 17s clear
03/09/2016 (total) total total Indonesia 100% 2h 29m 37s 2m 42s clear
03/20/2015 (total) total total Faroe Islands 100% 2h 8m 43s 2m 6s overcast
11/03/2013 (hybrid) total total 17.76°, -38.67° 100% 2h 44m 12s 0m 45s clear
11/13/2012 (total) total total Australia 100% 1h 55m 45s 2m 6s clear
05/20/2012 (annular) annular annular United States 87.2% 2h 13m 59s 4m 33s clear
07/11/2010 (total) total total French Polynesia 100% 2h 45m 39s 4m 19s partlyCloudy
07/22/2009 (total) total total China 100% 2h 39m 16s 5m 23s partlyCloudy
08/01/2008 (total) total total Russia 100% 2h 3m 48s 2m 18s clear
03/29/2006 (total) total total 34.53°, 28.34° 100% 2h 37m 29s 3m 51s clear
04/08/2005 (hybrid) total total -17.57°, -125.01° 100% 3h 3m 52s 0m 38s cloudy
12/04/2002 (total) total total Australia 100% 1h 28m 28s 0m 27s clear
06/21/2001 (total) total total Zimbabwe 100% 2h 39m 59s 3m 22s clear
08/11/1999 (total) total total 43.32°, 29.16° 100% 2h 46m 42s 2m 21s clear
02/26/1998 (total) total total Aruba 100% 2h 57m 12s 3m 31s clear
03/09/1997 (total) total total Mongolia 100% 2h 7m 5s 2m 24s mostlySunny
11/03/1994 (total) total total Bolivia 100% 2h 17m 6s 3m 7s clear
05/10/1994 (annular) annular annular United States 88.9% 3h 26m 52s 5m 10s clear
01/04/1992 (annular) annular annular United States 81.9% 1h 22m 55s 4m 7s overcast
07/11/1991 (total) total total United States 100% 2h 6m 19s 4m 6s overcast
03/07/1970 (total) partial partial United States 94.5% 2h 28m 25s - clear