The annular solar eclipse of 05/31/2003

8 Eclipse Chasers haben diese Sonnenfinsternis beobachtet.

General data

Day of week: Saturday
Maximum duration of eclipse: 03m37s
Maximum width of eclipse path: 0 km
Saros cycle: 147
Coverage: 93.8%
Magnitude: 0.9384
Gamma: 0.996

How will be the weather during the annular solar eclipse on 05/31/2003?

Where is the best place to see the annular solar eclipse of 05/31/2003?
The following maps show the average cloud coverage for the day of the annular solar eclipse. With the help of these maps, it is possible to find the place along the eclipse path, which has the best chance of a cloudless sky. Nevertheless, you should consider local circumstances and inform about the weather of your chosen observation site.

The data is provided by NASAs satellites AQUA and TERRA. The cloud maps are averaged over a period of 17 years (2000 - 2017).

Detailed country maps

worldmap Greenland
worldmap Iceland
worldmap Svalbard and Jan Mayen
worldmap United Kingdom
worldmap Faroe Islands

Cities inside the path of the eclipse

The following table shows all locations with a population of more than 5,000 inside the eclipse path. Cities which have more than 100,000 inhabitants are marked bold. A click at the locations opens a detailed map.

City Type Eclipse duration Local time of max. eclipse Distance to central line Ø Cloud coverage
GL  Sisimiut, Qeqqata none 2m 49s 02:26:43 UTC-02:00 820 km 73%
GL  Ilulissat, Qaasuitsup annular 2m 53s 02:26:02 UTC-02:00 772 km 68%
IS  Ísafjörður, Westfjords annular 3m 36s 04:07:01 UTC+00:00 11 km 85%
IS  Keflavík, Southern Peninsula annular 3m 35s 04:04:33 UTC+00:00 101 km 81%
IS  Akranes, West annular 3m 35s 04:04:35 UTC+00:00 86 km 81%
IS  Hafnarfjörður, Capital Region annular 3m 35s 04:04:14 UTC+00:00 99 km 81%
IS  Garðabær, Capital Region annular 3m 35s 04:04:15 UTC+00:00 96 km 81%
IS  Borgarnes, West annular 3m 36s 04:04:42 UTC+00:00 69 km 81%
IS  Kópavogur, Capital Region annular 3m 35s 04:04:16 UTC+00:00 94 km 81%
IS  Reykjavík, Capital Region annular 3m 35s 04:04:16 UTC+00:00 92 km 81%
IS  Mosfellsbær, Capital Region annular 3m 35s 04:04:11 UTC+00:00 83 km 82%
IS  Selfoss, South annular 3m 35s 04:03:31 UTC+00:00 24 km 82%
IS  Sauðárkrókur, Northwest annular 3m 36s 04:04:40 UTC+00:00 87 km 85%
IS  Akureyri, Northeast annular 3m 36s 04:03:43 UTC+00:00 146 km 86%
IS  Egilsstaðir, East annular 3m 34s 04:01:11 UTC+00:00 294 km 85%
SJ  Olonkinbyen, Jan Mayen annular 2m 18s 06:05:52 UTC+02:00 784 km 94%
FO  Miðvágur, Vágar annular 3m 11s 04:53:10 UTC+01:00 691 km 95%
FO  Fuglafjørður, Eysturoy annular 3m 9s 04:53:13 UTC+01:00 704 km 94%
FO  Tvøroyri, Suðuroy annular 3m 6s 04:52:19 UTC+01:00 726 km 91%
FO  Sandur, Sandoy annular 3m 7s 04:52:41 UTC+01:00 716 km 90%
FO  Tórshavn, Streymoy annular 3m 8s 04:52:53 UTC+01:00 713 km 92%
FO  Klaksvík, Norðoyar annular 3m 8s 04:53:04 UTC+01:00 716 km 92%
GB  Isle of Lewis, Scotland annular 2m 22s 04:47:50 UTC+01:00 935 km 74%
GB  Stornoway, Scotland annular 2m 22s 04:47:49 UTC+01:00 936 km 74%
GB  Isle of Skye, Scotland none 1m 56s 04:46:41 UTC+01:00 1003 km 79%
GB  Dingwall, Scotland annular 1m 23s 04:45:50 UTC+01:00 1069 km 81%
GB  Inverness, Scotland annular 1m 9s 04:45:33 UTC+01:00 1087 km 81%
GB  Nairn, Scotland annular 1m 1s 04:45:28 UTC+01:00 1095 km 80%
GB  Forres, Scotland annular 51s 04:45:21 UTC+01:00 1105 km 83%
GB  Thurso, Scotland annular 1m 40s 04:46:33 UTC+01:00 1042 km 82%
GB  Elgin, Scotland annular 34s 04:45:13 UTC+01:00 1116 km 82%
GB  Lossiemouth, Scotland annular 40s 04:45:17 UTC+01:00 1112 km 79%
GB  Wick, Scotland annular 1m 21s 04:46:06 UTC+01:00 1072 km 82%
GB  Orkney, Scotland annular 1m 38s 04:46:44 UTC+01:00 1044 km 83%
GB  Kirkwall, Scotland annular 1m 38s 04:46:44 UTC+01:00 1044 km 83%
GB  Lerwick, Scotland annular 1m 20s 04:47:17 UTC+01:00 1069 km 84%
GB  Shetland, Scotland annular 1m 20s 04:47:17 UTC+01:00 1069 km 84%