Annular solar eclipse of 08/20/2324

Annular solar eclipse of 08/20/2324
Day of week: Wednesday
Maximum duration of eclipse: 06m33s
Maximum width of eclipse path: 205 km
Saros cycle: 150
Coverage: 94.5%
Magnitude: 0.9449
Gamma: -0.1261

How will be the weather during the annular solar eclipse on 08/20/2324?

Where is the best place to see the annular solar eclipse of 08/20/2324?
The following maps show the average cloud coverage for the day of the annular solar eclipse. With the help of these maps, it is possible to find the place along the eclipse path, which has the best chance of a cloudless sky. Nevertheless, you should consider local circumstances and inform about the weather of your chosen observation site.

The data is provided by NASAs satellites AQUA and TERRA. The cloud maps are averaged over a period of 19 years (2000 - 2019).

Detailed country maps

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worldmap Mexico
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Cities inside the path of the eclipse

The following table shows all locations with a population of more than 5,000 inside the eclipse path. Cities which have more than 100,000 inhabitants are marked bold. A click at the locations opens a detailed map.

City Type Eclipse duration Local time of max. eclipse Distance to central line Ø Cloud coverage
US  Kailua-Kona, Hawaii annular 2m 19s 06:17:26 UTC-10:00 115 km 59%
US  Kalaoa, Hawaii annular 1m 30s 06:17:26 UTC-10:00 124 km 70%
US  Hōlualoa, Hawaii annular 2m 33s 06:17:26 UTC-10:00 111 km 80%
US  Hilo, Hawaii annular 2m 56s 06:17:29 UTC-10:00 104 km 82%
US  Hawaiian Paradise Park, Hawaii annular 3m 40s 06:17:30 UTC-10:00 87 km 81%
EC  Puerto Ayora, Galápagos annular 6m 17s 12:44:56 UTC-06:00 16 km 91%
EC  Puerto Baquerizo Moreno, Galápagos annular 4m 57s 12:46:53 UTC-06:00 64 km 81%
CL  Iquique, Tarapacá annular 5m 30s 16:52:56 UTC-03:00 17 km 32%
BO  Villazón, Potosí annular 2m 41s 15:58:57 UTC-04:00 103 km 7%
AR  La Quiaca, Jujuy Province annular 2m 48s 16:58:58 UTC-03:00 101 km 7%
AR  San Salvador de Jujuy, Jujuy Province annular 3m 53s 17:00:50 UTC-03:00 83 km 34%
AR  San Pedro, Jujuy Province annular 4m 33s 17:01:12 UTC-03:00 64 km 31%
AR  Fraile Pintado, Jujuy Province annular 5m 12s 17:01:03 UTC-03:00 33 km 34%
AR  Libertador General San Martín, Jujuy Province annular 5m 20s 17:00:58 UTC-03:00 19 km 36%
AR  San Ramón de la Nueva Orán, Salta Province annular 4m 23s 17:00:50 UTC-03:00 69 km 39%
AR  Joaquín V. González, Salta Province annular 1m 58s 17:02:18 UTC-03:00 111 km 30%
AR  Embarcación, Salta Province annular 4m 14s 17:01:03 UTC-03:00 74 km 40%
AR  Castelli, Chaco Province annular 5m 11s 17:05:14 UTC-03:00 24 km 45%
AR  Presidencia Roque Sáenz Peña, Chaco Province annular 3m 3s 17:05:46 UTC-03:00 99 km 48%
AR  Tres Isletas, Chaco Province annular 4m 43s 17:05:33 UTC-03:00 55 km 45%
AR  Quitilipi, Chaco Province annular 3m 9s 17:05:56 UTC-03:00 98 km 47%
AR  Machagai, Chaco Province annular 3m 15s 17:06:04 UTC-03:00 96 km 47%
AR  Presidencia de la Plaza, Chaco Province annular 3m 21s 17:06:13 UTC-03:00 94 km 48%
AR  El Colorado, Formosa Province annular 5m 16s 17:06:10 UTC-03:00 4 km 55%
AR  General José de San Martín, Chaco Province annular 5m 9s 17:06:18 UTC-03:00 26 km 56%
AR  Pirané, Formosa Province annular 4m 27s 17:06:02 UTC-03:00 65 km 51%
AR  Resistencia, Chaco Province annular 2m 53s 17:06:54 UTC-03:00 102 km 54%
AR  San Luis del Palmar, Corrientes Province annular 3m 37s 17:07:10 UTC-03:00 88 km 54%
PY  Pilar, Ñeembucú annular 5m 13s 17:07:02 UTC-03:00 13 km 54%
AR  Formosa, Formosa Province annular 4m 32s 17:06:47 UTC-03:00 61 km 56%
PY  Quiindy, Paraguarí annular 42s 17:07:10 UTC-03:00 121 km 55%
PY  San Juan Bautista, Misiones annular 4m 39s 17:07:33 UTC-03:00 56 km 62%
PY  Ayolas, Misiones annular 5m 12s 17:07:58 UTC-03:00 8 km 57%
PY  Santa Rosa, Misiones annular 4m 48s 17:07:47 UTC-03:00 48 km 60%
PY  San Pedro del Paraná, Itapúa annular 4m 1s 17:08:05 UTC-03:00 78 km 60%
AR  Santo Tomé, Corrientes Province annular 3m 33s 17:08:47 UTC-03:00 90 km 61%
AR  Gobernador Ingeniero Valentín Virasoro, Corrientes Province annular 4m 55s 17:08:37 UTC-03:00 39 km 61%
BR  São Borja, Rio Grande do Sul annular 3m 4s 17:08:50 UTC-03:00 100 km 60%
AR  Posadas, Misiones Province annular 4m 58s 17:08:26 UTC-03:00 36 km 57%
PY  Encarnación, Itapúa annular 4m 53s 17:08:26 UTC-03:00 41 km 56%
PY  Hohenau, Itapúa annular 4m 15s 17:08:24 UTC-03:00 71 km 62%
PY  Obligado, Itapúa annular 3m 55s 17:08:26 UTC-03:00 81 km 60%
AR  Jardín América, Misiones Province annular 3m 16s 17:08:38 UTC-03:00 96 km 56%
AR  Oberá, Misiones Province annular 4m 38s 17:08:50 UTC-03:00 55 km 57%
AR  Aristóbulo del Valle, Misiones Province annular 2m 50s 17:08:48 UTC-03:00 103 km 54%
BR  Santiago, Rio Grande do Sul annular 2m 25s 17:09:28 UTC-03:00 110 km 60%
AR  Veinticinco de Mayo, Misiones Province annular 3m 55s 17:08:58 UTC-03:00 81 km 57%
AR  Dos de Mayo, Misiones Province annular 1m 24s 17:08:52 UTC-03:00 119 km 54%
BR  Santa Rosa, Rio Grande do Sul annular 4m 53s 17:09:15 UTC-03:00 40 km 60%
BR  Santo Ângelo, Rio Grande do Sul annular 5m 9s 17:09:28 UTC-03:00 5 km 60%
AR  El Soberbio, Misiones Province annular 2m 24s 17:09:10 UTC-03:00 110 km 55%
BR  Ijuí, Rio Grande do Sul annular 5m 8s 17:09:38 UTC-03:00 9 km 61%
BR  Santa Maria, Rio Grande do Sul annular 1m 21s 17:10:01 UTC-03:00 120 km 69%
BR  Cruz Alta, Rio Grande do Sul annular 5m 8s 17:09:50 UTC-03:00 5 km 61%
BR  Cachoeira do Sul, Rio Grande do Sul annular 48s 17:10:25 UTC-03:00 124 km 71%
BR  Carazinho, Rio Grande do Sul annular 4m 27s 17:10:02 UTC-03:00 62 km 61%
BR  Santa Cruz do Sul, Rio Grande do Sul annular 4m 8s 17:10:31 UTC-03:00 74 km 69%
BR  Passo Fundo, Rio Grande do Sul annular 4m 1s 17:10:10 UTC-03:00 78 km 57%
BR  Venâncio Aires, Rio Grande do Sul annular 4m 37s 17:10:34 UTC-03:00 54 km 66%
BR  Lajeado, Rio Grande do Sul annular 4m 56s 17:10:37 UTC-03:00 31 km 64%
BR  Bento Gonçalves, Rio Grande do Sul annular 5m 3s 17:10:42 UTC-03:00 15 km 59%
BR  Montenegro, Rio Grande do Sul annular 4m 52s 17:10:49 UTC-03:00 37 km 66%
BR  Farroupilha, Rio Grande do Sul annular 5m 3s 17:10:46 UTC-03:00 15 km 58%
BR  Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul annular 4m 22s 17:10:57 UTC-03:00 65 km 68%
BR  Caxias do Sul, Rio Grande do Sul annular 4m 58s 17:10:48 UTC-03:00 27 km 58%
BR  Sapucaia, Rio Grande do Sul annular 4m 48s 17:10:57 UTC-03:00 41 km 68%
BR  Novo Hamburgo, Rio Grande do Sul annular 4m 59s 17:10:55 UTC-03:00 24 km 66%
BR  Viamão, Rio Grande do Sul annular 4m 25s 17:11:02 UTC-03:00 63 km 69%
BR  Gravataí, Rio Grande do Sul annular 4m 43s 17:11:01 UTC-03:00 47 km 67%
BR  Vacaria, Rio Grande do Sul annular 2m 52s 17:10:44 UTC-03:00 104 km 56%
BR  Parobé, Rio Grande do Sul annular 5m 4s 17:11:00 UTC-03:00 9 km 65%
BR  Canela, Rio Grande do Sul annular 5m 1s 17:10:57 UTC-03:00 20 km 61%
BR  Osório, Rio Grande do Sul annular 5m 1s 17:11:13 UTC-03:00 17 km 65%
BR  Tramandaí, Rio Grande do Sul annular 4m 59s 17:11:16 UTC-03:00 22 km 62%
BR  Capão da Canoa, Rio Grande do Sul annular 5m 3s 17:11:16 UTC-03:00 7 km 65%
BR  Araranguá, Santa Catarina annular 2m 36s 17:11:15 UTC-03:00 108 km 61%